Our Domestic Projects are bigger than our Local Projects and offer more hands-on volunteering experiences at a monetary cost lower than our International Projects. They take place over Fall and Spring Breaks in places that are within a day’s drive of Lawrence. We usually partner with one or more community or national service organizations, and sometimes other EWB chapters. Read more about both of our Domestic Projects below!

Council Bluffs, Iowa

2022’s Fall Break Project took place with Habitat for Humanity in Council Bluffs. Ten EWB-KU members worked on siding a house that was set for completion by Christmas. We spent the mornings and early afternoons measuring and cutting pieces of siding and making a racket in the neighborhood with hammering in nails. Our evenings were spent exploring The Old Market in nearby Omaha, Nebraska, attending a Hippo Campus concert, and hanging out at Vala’s Pumpkin Patch.

The cost of the trip fluctuates from year to year, but is usually around $200. This includes travel, lodging, registration, activities, and food. The location of our Fall Break trips has changed in the past, but we tend to stay in the Midwest.

New Orleans, louisiana

2022’s Spring Break Projects took place in the Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans, Louisiana. The team consisted of ten EWB-KU members and one Kansas State EWB member, which split into groups to work on our two projects in the community.

One project consisted of refurbishing a playground created by the community surrounding it for its 25th anniversary celebration. We worked with the man and his wife who worked the playground into existence all those years ago. During the mornings and afternoons we worked on refinishing and repainting the structures, removing a wooden border surround the park, and uprooting tree trunks (which is a lot harder than one would think).

Our other project was to power wash and repaint a church and its neighboring community center, both of which were just a couple blocks away from the playground.

We would usually spend our evenings exploring Bourbon Street and the surrounding area or staying in our AirBNB watching movies. We made sure to get a taste of New Orleans sea food and jazz!

Our Spring break trip is our biggest Domestic excursion, so its cost lies around $400 for travel, lodging, registration, activities, and food all together. In the past, we have spent our Spring Breaks in New Orleans working with Historic Green – an organization that “assists in the restoration and transformation of under-resourced communities” – and plan to continue working with them over Spring Break 2023.